Trusted or the best choice?

It occurs in almost every market and actually it makes perfect sense, because why shouldn’t you choose the brand that ‘everyone’ knows? If ‘everyone’ uses this then it will be the best.

If someone has been choosing the same brand for years, he will not be inclined to choose another brand. Certainly not if everything works well (enough). Even if people are unfamiliar with a brand, they will look at what most people use.

Look for example at the market for mobile phones, Samsung and Apple the market but there are plenty of other brands that are not inferior to these brands. People who opt for the other brand are relatively rare.

Is the trusted brand also the best choice?

If this question is viewed across all markets, the question will certainly be yes with some regularity. But there are also numerous examples that the answer is a no. In some cases, a decent no.

If we asked this question in all markets, the answer would certainly be “yes” with some regularity, but there are also numerous examples in which the answer is “no”. There are certainly phones available that are at least as good as an Apple or a Samsung. If people bought a Volkswagen because it was such a reliable brand with few emissions, they were more than disappointed. In my industry, Zebra is seen as the brand. By far the most used and advised by many automation companies, especially in the field or ERP systems. Why? Because it is work and familiar. But is Zebra also the best choice?

How do you come to the best choice?

That is a difficult if not impossible question. Because the information flow through the internet is very open nowadays, it is also polluted. Or course you can consult numerous websites that test different brands or the relevant product group.

But just like a price comparison site, these are often not independent. After all, companies often pay for testing their products. They are paid to perform a test of the product and show these results. A company that pays for testing and showing these test results naturally does not agree with a test that has been rated their product as poor or below par .

Compare specifications

For a good comparison, start with an overview of different specifications. Divide these specifications into ‘mandatory’, ‘important’ and ‘handy’, and you could also add what the product should not have, for example mechanical parts made of plastic.

Whether a number of brands or types are already dropped by removing the products that do not meet the specifications listed under “mandatory”. The products can then be classified by means of a point system for the “important” and “handy” specifications. You can also choose to strip away products on the basis of “important” points but do not be shocked if it turns out that almost all known brands, which may have been a favorite beforehand, have disappeared.

Make a choice

When the specifications are compared, a relatively small amount of brands and / or types remains. Now it’s time to make the right choice. For this you can seek professional advice, make a comparison based on price and user experiences and google forums.

Cheap is usually expensive

Of course true, but fortunately not always. In many cases, a Godex printer meets more specifications than a Zebra printer. Yet a Godex printer is up to 40% cheaper in many cases  . In many cases, this means that a Godex will fit as well as a Zebra, since quality is often the same and the effect does not differ, if at all, from each other. With that knowledge, either the price or the trusted brand will prevail.


Godex  and Smart2B have been working together for years. Smart2B chooses Godex because Godex stands for high-quality and reliable label printers, an extensive range and this combines with competitive pricing.

For example, Godex printers are often equipped with metal gears and almost all models are equipped with an Ethernet connection as standard. Only 1 thing is missing with Godex. Godex is not the trusted brand, but in our opinion it is one of the best choices for printing thermal labels and labels.


Zebra label  printer : The logical and trusting choice, not a buyer who was ever fired because he bought a Zebra printer. In short: familiar, reliable, easily available.

Godex label printer:  A reliable choice for those who want to look a little further in their choice and want to save some euros.