Diamond labels (TD) Thermal Direct materials

TD Thermal Direct or thermal labels are made for printing without consumables such as ink or ribbon.

The labels contain chemicals that turn black when exposed to heat. As a result, the consumption costs of printing these labels are very low. A thermal printer can very accurately heat small areas and this will print the desired label.

This ensures that these labels cannot have much. They discolour when exposed to light, are not suitable for outdoor use, etc .. However, due to the very low costs, these labels are very suitable for applications where the lifespan is hardly or not at all important. Think of a transport label, as soon as the package has arrived, usually within a few days, the label no longer has any function. resistant to some sliding and compressive force. These are therefore recommended for sending packages and envelopes.

If you prefer to print a more durable label for long-term use or for industrial applications, then look at the (TT) Thermal transfer media that we offer. These are printed by means of a print ribbon and are extremely durable depending on the ribbon-media combination.

Thermal Transfer printermedia
16 November 2017

DTD001, ECO coated

Thermal Direct

description: Thermal direct paper with ECO coating. A simple but effective thermal paper, often used for labels with a short service life. Think of transport labels, shipping labels, etc. Specifications: Grammage: 70 ± 6 g / m² Thickne...