DIA717, Transparent PP

Levi van der Molen


Transparent labels can be used for many different applications. However, a so-called No Label Look label printing with an inkjet printer is not feasible. The coating that the ink must absorb will always result in a slight haze. This makes it clearly visible that a label has been placed.

To make a good consideration whether the DIA717, or possibly the alternative DIA700EC, is suitable for your application, we recommend that you first sample at all times. ask.


Grammage: 80 ± 6 g / m²
Thickness: 83 ± 7 µm
Transparency: 87 ± 3%
Stiffness (MD): 19 ± 3 mN
Stiffness (CD): 29 ± 1 mN


Water resistant
Coating can damage
Glue strength
Permanent universal
Print quality
Coating gives milk color
Color yield
Nice fresh colors, avoid dark areas

Explanation properties:

The above material properties are the result of extensive testing of the materials in combination with the color label printers from the Epson Colorworks range (TM-C3500, TM-C7500 (G) & amp; GP-C831).

These characteristics give an honest and good picture of the quality. Nevertheless, before placing orders, we advise you to request a sample role to test yourself.

Smart2B is at all times free to make changes to the material without prior notice if Smart2B deems this necessary for whatever reason.