MacOS CW-C6000 series endless roll borderless printing

Borderless printing of endless rolls does not always work naturally with the Epson Colorworks CW-C6000 series.
We’ve had to apply these settings to customers many times before and have created the ideal starting point to start from.
In 90% of the cases this works immediately, but because there can be small variations per printer, you may have to make a small vertical position adjustment.
We have made a different step-by-step plan for both MAC and Windows. For MacOS, see below for Windows, look at this post.

MacOS CW-C6000 borderless printing endless roll

  1. Options and supplies

    In System Preferences, open Printers and Scanners, select the Epson C6000 and press the “Options & Supplies” button.

  2. Label printer utility

    In the new window, navigate to the “Maintenance” tab and press the “Open Printer Utility” button to open the label printer utility.

  3. Epson label printer utility

    A new window will open, with this tool you can view and adjust the settings stored in the printer, align the print head and perform some maintenance or check if necessary.
    For us, the “Print media settings” and “Positioning” are important for borderless printing of an endless roll.

  4. Media Setting

    Here we can tell the printer what kind of material will be printed.
    Here, the “Media Detection” & “Label Gap” settings are important for borderless printing.
    Media Detection: “No Detection
    Label gap: “0.0 mm.
    Press “Settings” to confirm.

  5. Positioning

    Here we can give adjustments to the 0 position of the printer.
    Unfortunately, at the time of writing, 1 option is missing here that we do have on Windows.
    We will do this right away on the printer itself.
    Here the settings “Cut Position Adjustment” & “Print Start Position Adjustment (Vertical Direction)” are important.
    cutting position adjustment: “0.6 mm.
    Print start position adjustment (Vertical direction): “0.0 mm.
    Press “Settings” to confirm.

  6. Start position from label edge

    Unfortunately we can’t adjust this through the Epson Label Printer Utility, we have to do this on the printer itself.
    Select the “Paper information” on the screen, here you will find all the data of the material and press “OK“.
    Go to “Print Position Adjustment” and press “OK“.
    Select “Paper top position adjustment” here and press “OK“.
    Set this value to “-1.5 mm.” and confirm it by pressing “Done“.

  7. Add paper size

    Because MacOSis limited with custom printer control, this can sometimes be a bit difficult for use with a label printer.
    So we have to add a new “Paper size” during a print dialog, I’m using a PDF as an example.
    pdf print dialog Epson Colorworks C6000

  8. Page Settings

    At the bottom left of the print dialog you can click on “page settings“.

  9. Page size -> custom sizes….

    Click here on “Page Size:” and then on “Custom Sizes“.

  10. Page size settings

    Press the “+” at the bottom left and give it a recognizable name.
    On the right we can specify the format that we want to use. Note that width is always the width of the roll, not the width of the desired label when we print it horizontally.

    Width: roll width +0.5 mm.
    Height: Desired height
    Margins: We set all of these to 0mm.

  11. Test print

    You can now make a test print with the correct preference setting.
    PLEASE NOTE: that this will be printed in full size and the file will have a bleed before printing.
    Immediately check whether the format is indeed the desired length.

    Adjust length: If the length does not meet expectations, you can adjust it at page settings -> custom sizes.

    Still a white border above or below?
    Then it is best to try to remove it with the vertical position from step 5.
    Epson Label Printer Utility -> Positioning

    Do you still have problems?
    Please contact us and we will try to solve it together with you.