Godex labelstand

Levi van der Molen

Godex Labelstand

The Godex Label Stand is an inexpensive but highly efficient way to use large label rolls in a desktop label printer.

The Godex Label Stand is naturally designed to be easy to use with a Godex desktop label printer.
The feet simply connect to the printer so that the Label Stand is always in the right position.
Due to the simple but effective design, the Godex Label Stand is also easy to use with other desktop label printers that are equipped with a behind input.

The Godex Label Stand is therefore nothing more than a very simple but effective unwinder.
The Label Stand can work with a core of 25.4 mm to 76 mm and a maximum outside diameter of 210 mm.

    Epson Colorworks TM-C7500(G) rewinder productfoto